Adverse Effects of Clogged Drains

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Sewer systems play a crucial role in facilitating the flow of wastewater away from your property. So when something goes wrong and you end up with a clogged drain, it’s a pretty big deal. The first order of business should be to call experts such as Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter for drain cleaning services before the issue worsens.

Otherwise, be prepared to face the adverse effects of letting the drain blockage fester. Here’s what can happen when you leave a clogged drain unchecked.

Pest and Mold Infestation

When your drains are clogged, you’ll be having standing water in your tubs, showers, and sinks in no time. As you know, stagnant water provides favorable conditions for mosquitoes and other pests to reproduce. Often, these pests carry bacteria and illnesses that can be transmitted to you and your family. And while a plumber in Seattle, WA isn’t qualified to remedy illnesses, they can remove the cause of the illness, which is the clogging issue.

Additionally, your floorboards and walls will become wet due to wastewater overflow, encouraging mildew and mold growth in your house. Reach out to our drain cleaning company so we could unclog your drains right away.

Burst Pipes

If your sewer system gets blocked, there’s a high likelihood that the blockage inside will cause a build up of pressure that, if it gets intense enough, can end up bursting the pipes. In turn, this leads to wastewater flooding your home, damaging your property. Our team can utilize various methods such as hydro jetting to eliminate stubborn clogs.

Unpleasant Odors

There are various materials and substances such as food, oil, soap sludge, and hair that flow down your drains every day. If your drain gets blocked, these wastes will amass in the pipes, encouraging bacteria growth. Eventually, the breakdown of the waste by the bacteria leads to an unpleasant odor. The good news is we can quickly restore your drains to normal functioning with our drain snaking technique.

Our plumbers are experienced in sewer line repairs and can sort all your plumbing needs. Contact Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter today for exceptional drain cleaning.

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