Are Store-Bought Drain Cleaners Safe to Use?

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If you have a clogged drain in your home, your first instinct might be to go to the store and buy a liquid drain cleaner. While these store-bought products do seem to be effective, they aren’t always safe to use, especially if you rely on them to clear out your pipes frequently. They’re also not as effective as you might think they are in clearing your drains.

Read on as we answer whether store-bought drain cleaners can be safely used when carrying out drain cleaning services.

Cleaning Solutions? Not Necessarily.

Often, off-the-shelf drain cleaning solutions contain harsh chemicals that work by eating away enough of a clog to allow water to flow through your pipes again. You will almost certainly be glad to have water flowing through your drains again, but unfortunately, it will also eat away at the drain pipes themselves. When you need drain cleaning in Kent, WA, it’s best to resort to professional measures that do not involve harsh chemicals.

Damage to Your Pipes

Another reason why you should contact a drain cleaning company instead of relying on a liquid drain cleaner is to prevent your pipes from being damaged by caustic chemicals. Drain cleaners need to be caustic in order to dissolve clogs in your pipes, but they can also do some damage to the metal and plastic in those pipes, especially when you use a drain cleaner multiple times. This will ruin the integrity of your pipes and possibly expose you and your family to potentially dangerous chemicals that are found in these cleaners.

Drain cleaning methods such as drain snaking don’t use chemicals and would be a much safer alternative for your drain pipes if done professionally.

Use Drain Cleaners Sparingly

If you must use a liquid drain cleaner to fix a clogged pipe or drain, do so sparingly. They can be useful if you aren’t able to reach a plumber and you need a temporary solution, but do remember that it is only a quick fix. If the problem returns – and it most likely will – you’re better off calling a plumber as soon as you can for a more permanent solution.

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