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How We Fix Frozen Pipes In Your Old Ballard Home

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Winter can be a rough time for your home, as the freezing, thawing, and the continual presence of water can really take a toll on your house’s hardware. Waking up to frozen pipes in your Ballard home, particularly if it’s older, is just such an occasion – but one that our team at Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter can handle! If you’re experiencing winter-related trouble like frozen pipes, look no further than the experts at Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter.

What to Do

If you turn the faucet on one winter morning and only a thin trickle comes out, or none at all, leave the faucet open. Frozen pipes likely exist along outer walls; if you suspect one pipe to be frozen, wrap a towel around it and pour boiling water over the pipe, or apply a heating pad to the pipe.

Home Maintenance

To keep frozen pipes and winter conditions at bay, check out some of the troubleshooting suggestions below:

  • What a drip: If you plan on going out of town or having any other reason for not turning on your faucets for several days, be sure to leave kitchen and bathroom cabinets open so that the area under the sink and the water pipe is exposed to warmer air. Leave the faucet on a slow drip as well to discourage freezing.
  • Keep your insulation updated: Reinforcing your insulation on a seasonal basis is a great idea. Use the first onset of cold weather as an opportunity to tour your home and take stock of any areas that aren’t well insulated. This will help to prevent frozen pipes, not to mention keep your heating costs down!
  • Get specific: For sections of exposed pipe, consider installing water pipe-specific products such as pipe sleeves or heat tape. In an emergency, a quarter-inch of a newspaper, wrapped around a pipe, can provide significant insulation as a short-term solution.
  • Don’t forget the outdoor fixtures: Remove, drain, and store hoses used outdoors. Drain water from sprinkler lines following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Though it may seem like only an inconvenience, frozen pipes are quite serious, as they can easily burst. If these suggestions don’t work, or if you can’t reach the affected pipe, call Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter. Our specialized tools can have your pipelines back to normal in no time!

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
Call 206-789-4944 Serving the Greater Seattle Area
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