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Trenchless Pipe Repair in Seattle, WA, and Surrounding Areas

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Quality Trenchless Pipe Repair Services 

Our trenchless pipe repair in Seattle, WA, and surrounding areas is a new and advanced repair solution for restoring broken or cracked pipelines, employing trenchless technology to be effective and cost-effective for the needs of our customers across Seattle. At Bob Oates, we are proud to offer a practical, reliable repair process for our customers that is a far cry from the traditional dig-and-replace processes.

In the past, pipeline repairs were reliant on the workers needing to dig trenches across a homeowner’s property in order to repair the pipes. The initial digging was required in order to expose the pipes, and it would take a few weeks for the repairs to be completed. By then, the costs of the repairs were inflated for homeowners, as they needed to restore their property as well. Fortunately, the collateral damage associated with these traditional methods is no longer necessary.

Trenchless pipe repair in Seattle, WA allows us to restore the pipes with minimal digging required, instead of relying on strategically placed holes or cleanouts to be effective and affordable. Our work begins with a pipeline camera inspection, in which we deploy a waterproof, state-of-the-art camera into the pipeline. This camera is maneuvered through the pipe and allows our technicians to gain a visual of the quality of the pipes, exposing even small problems like fissures and leaks. After our experts have diagnosed the exact problem and conclude that trenchless pipe repairs are necessary, we move forward with cleaning the pipeline. High-pressure water jetting is used to forcefully scour the presence of corrosion, clogs, and tree roots as needed.

Once the pipe has been cleaned it can again be inspected with the camera to determine whether the corrosion or clog was hiding an additional undiscovered crack or break. Depending on the condition of the overall pipe and any cracks or breaks found, our expert technician can discuss the recommended method of trenchless repair, either pipe lining or pipe replacement.

Pipe lining, also known as cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lining, involves our experts inserting a felt tube saturated with epoxy resin into the pipe. Our camera is used to confirm that the liner is placed correctly and that any cracks and leaks will be covered by the epoxy resin. The liner is then inflated, pressing the resin against the interior walls of the pipe, and the resin is allowed to cure. Once the curing process is complete, the liner is removed and a new corrosion-free, root-resistant pipe now exists inside the old pipe.

If we diagnose a major break in the pipeline, our pipe bursting method acts as an alternative repair solution. In this process, we insert a bursting head into the old pipe, and as the former pipe is broken apart, a new pipeline is dragged into place behind the bursting head. Another trenchless solution, our professional plumber in Seattle, WA here at Bob Oates is always prepared with the equipment and tools needed to successfully fix your pipes.

Our expert team at Bob Oates would be happy to bring our experience to you if you are having any pipeline issues. Contact us today or fill out our online form to set up an appointment that will leave you worry-free. We provide a wide range of services in Seattle, WA, and the surrounding areas:

We also provide a wide range of services in Seattle, WA, and surrounding areas including: 

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
Call 206-789-4944 Serving the Greater Seattle Area

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