Why DIY Drain Snaking Is Discouraged

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A clogged drain can be a frustrating thing to deal with, and you might be tempted to resort to any means possible – including taking the DIY route to drain cleaning. However, attempting to clean your drains on your own can have disastrous results. Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter shares why you should call the pros when you need drain cleaning services in Seattle, WA.

If You Use Too Much Force, You Can Damage the Pipes

Store-bought drain cleaning apparatuses are usually advertised as easy to use. However, procedures such as drain snaking can be hard to handle if you are not a confident and trained professional. It is easy to apply too much force while operating the drain snake. This could scratch the plumbing fixtures and compromise its waterproof coating, leading to rust or a crack. While trying to solve a clogging problem, you have potentially opened the door to a future one.

If You Use the Wrong Tools, You Might Worsen the Situation

Most homeowners are unaware of different types of snakes. Each clogged drain situation requires a specific tool to handle it. Other people go to the extent of fashioning crude tools out of their home appliances because the internet said it would work. These tools can get stuck in your drainage, dig a hole through your PVC pipe, or do any number of unforeseeable damage.

However, when you hire our drain cleaning company, you can be assured that our professionals have access to a wide range of drain cleaning tools and would know which one to utilize for optimal results.

You Risk Potential Injury

A typical drain snake will have a coiled wire on one of its ends called an auger. When a drain snake is getting fed into your pipes during drain cleaning services, it is constantly winded so that it can pick up any potential clogs. This twisting will harness a lot of energy in the auger; when mishandled, it could recoil and injure you. To avoid this hassle, call our professionals to handle the work.

For your safety and for satisfactory outcomes, it’s best to let Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter handle any issue that requires drain snaking. Call us today to set up your drain cleaning appointment.

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