3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Leaky Pipes

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Across the cities and communities of our beloved Puget Sound, the persistent rainy and wet weather significantly impacts our home infrastructure — particularly drains, pipes, and sewers. The additional moisture makes it even more crucial not to overlook any plumbing issues — especially leaky pipes.

Leaky pipes, when exacerbated by the damp conditions of our area, can cause extensive damage, both visible and hidden. If ignored, the potential harm extends beyond your home’s inner workings and heads straight toward your health — and pocketbook.

Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter is a family-run business that has served the Seattle area for over three decades. In this short post, check out our three reasons why we recommend you take action whenever leaky pipes are noticed:

Number 1: The Dreaded Mold 

Leaky pipes in Seattle’s wet environment can become a breeding ground for mold. Mold thrives when it has a food supply, moisture, and time.

The continuous drizzle and humid atmosphere provide the ideal conditions for mold growth. Residents may experience symptoms like red eyes, sinus congestion, skin irritations, or even breathing difficulties.

Especially in children, prolonged exposure can lead to lifelong respiratory conditions. With the added rain in our region, the mold issue is heightened, making it essential to promptly seek an expert plumber in Seattle.

Number 2: Foundation Damage, Northwest Style 

In Seattle and surrounding areas, the continuous downpour can intensify foundational issues caused by leaky pipes. Persistent water flow can wash away the soil or make it expand, leading to shifts in your home’s foundation.

If you observe cracks near windows or have issues with doors not closing correctly, it’s a sign that your foundation might be compromised.

When you couple the Pacific Northwest’s wet conditions with a foundation affected by plumbing issues, the results can be disastrous. Thus, relying on professionals for regular drain cleaning maintenance and sewer repair becomes imperative.

Number 3: Electrifying Mix of Water and Voltage 

The historical charm of Seattle is evident in its older homes. Many of these houses have copper water pipes installed underground. While safe, the combination of electricity and water in aging infrastructure can lead to corrosion inside these pipes.

The sometimes soggy environment of the Pacific Northwest further aggravates this corrosion, resulting in internal leaks.

As any reputable company that specializes in sewer inspections will tell you, prevention is paramount. It’s not only about managing the immediate leak but also ensuring your plumbing system can withstand the Pacific Northwest’s damp conditions.

Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter’s team of professional technicians is equipped to handle such region-specific challenges. Should things get out of hand, we’re here to help, from sewer camera inspections to explaining the benefits of trenchless sewer pipe repair and replacement.

Addressing Leaky Pipes: Prevention is Key 

The best defense against leaky pipes is a strong offense. Regular home maintenance, especially in a region like ours, should involve regular checks of your plumbing system and immediate action when leaks are spotted.

If you’re a DIY-er, begin your home improvements with custom pipe wraps, especially in cold areas, and consider the benefits of an annual checkup by the pros in order to stay prepared against deeper issues from occurring.

By monitoring for leaks — and with the assistance of techs like ours for regular drain cleaning services — you can prevent small issues from escalating.

Remember, while Seattle’s wet weather is a charm, it’s essential to be proactive in maintaining your home’s plumbing. Trust the experts at Bob Oates to help navigate the challenges of our unique climate — give us a call or schedule an appointment today!

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