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Plumbing systems is an important component to any home or business but are hidden and some times forgotten until a issue arises. They help people bath, wash clothes, and remove unsanitary waste. Doing these tasks daily can really take a toll on your pipes over time. Here are a few tips to keep your pipes happy and running smoothly.

avoid drano

Avoid Chemical Cleaners

When people come across clogs and backups, they usually run out to buy a chemical cleaner like Drano. This may work but is not great for pipes. The harsh acidic liquids can corrode your pipe and will leak, which will result in getting it replaced. Try this easy trick instead.

Drain strainer

Prevent Clogs

Clogs are one of the most common calls plumbers get. To prevent another call we recommend these following tips. Make sure everyone in your family knows whats acceptable to be flushed. Q-Tips, floss, and paper towels should end up in the trashcan and NOT the toilet bowl. Also adding a drain strainer to your kitchen sink and bathtub will help keep debris from building up in pipes.

Rain gutter

Inspect Every Season

As the seasons change so can your pipes. Check for things like leaves in your gutter, leaks under the sinks, and wrapping faucets when it gets cold out. Make sure these issues get taken care of before the weather makes things worse.

Water pressure

Check the Water Pressure

High water pressure might be nice for a shower but can put a lot of stress on pipes. The maximum recommended pressure for a home is 80 psi. You can easily check your own water pressure by purchasing an inexpensive water gauge at your local hardware store.

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