Can A Sewer Line Replacement Be Done In a Day?

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Any home connected to a municipality or city’s main sewer line has a sewer system. This is a large pipe found under your home that other pipes empty into when you flush the toilet or pour liquids and other materials down your drains. Over time, the sewer pipes deteriorate and require replacement. As the leading choice for sewer repair in Seattle, WA, Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter can help you get the job done quickly and can often replace the line in as little as a day.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Line

When you look at the basic indicators to replace sewer line, you’ll find that frequent clogs are the biggest sign you should replace that line. The clogs can cause water and debris to back up in both your sinks and toilets. If the clogs are more serious, you may even find raw sewage in your shower too.

Other issues that necessitate sewer pipe line repair or replacement include having large trees in your yard. Matured or growing trees have active root systems that seek out moisture and nutrients, and these can often be found in cracked or broken pipes. Once the roots get inside, they can keep growing and spreading, resulting in a massive clogging problem.

How Long Does the Job Take?

Sewer line replacement can take a few days, but it also depends on the sewer replacement method. Sewer pipes are buried deep under the ground or hidden under your home, and traditional dig and replace methods usually take a few days just to complete the digging process.

On the other hand, trenchless sewer repair services can be carried out and completed after a full day of work.

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Do you worry about sewer backups or the noises that come from your sewer pipes? It’s time to get the sewer repair services that you need. Call Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter and we’ll try our best to replace your sewer line in as little as a day.

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