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Pipe Issues To Look Out For

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Your pipes make up a large portion of your plumbing system. They ensure your drains are working properly, and need to be well-maintained to keep your system running smooth. While pipes are great for your plumbing system, there are problems that can arise. These problems can range from minor things to much more serious conditions that could require repair or even replacing. Keep your eye open for these issues so you can catch them before they become a serious problem that can end up costing you a lot of money. If you do end up with pipe problems, contact an experienced plumber who can help you with any repairs you may require.


Pipes can form cracks for a number of reasons, be it from clogs, aging, or something else. If your pipes have cracks, you need to get them addressed and fixed as soon as you can to avoid suffering bursts or flooding that could spell bad news for your home. Excessive moisture can lead to pests invading and rotting and mold in your cabinets. Get the cracks fixed and you will not have to deal with these problems.

Weak Points

If you have had clogs in your pipes, especially if the clogs have been deep in the pipes where they are difficult to get to, you may have a few weak points. The clogs sitting in the pipes weigh on the outer layers and weaken the structure, leaving the pipes more prone to bursts and cracking. A sure sign of a weak pipe is if you notice any swelling. Replacing these weak areas should take top priority.


Rattling pipes could be a sign that the bolts and other mechanisms are not tightened as much as they should be. If you hear rattling every time you turn your faucets on, there is a good chance your pipe connections need tightening. Rattling pipes can lead to cracks, bursts, and weak points, as the pipe is constantly banging against your wall. It is best to get this addressed as soon as you can to avoid any damages that may occur due to the repeated contact.

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
Call 206-789-4944 Serving the Greater Seattle Area
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