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Preparing Your Plumbing for the Holidays

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Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your plumbing system for the holiday season. During this time of the year, Bob Oates is often called to handle an emergency plumbing situation. Here are a few tips on how to get your plumbing system ready.

Avoid Using Extra Soft Toilet Paper

Your bathroom will likely get a lot of use over the holidays. Think twice about using “extra soft” toilet paper. While this tissue paper may feel good, it could be too thick for your plumbing system. There’s a much greater chance of a clog developing. Professionals that provide plumbing services recommend using one-ply toilet paper, which is far easier to flush.

Place Trash Cans In Your Bathroom(s)

Before hosting a holiday gathering, be sure to place at least one trash bin in every bathroom. This small step will help prevent your family and friends from tossing the trash into the toilet. Among the items that shouldn’t be flushed include diapers, antibacterial wipes, personal hygiene products, and dental floss. The last thing you want is to experience a nasty toilet backup, which will require plumbing repairs.

Have Your Drains Professionally Cleaned

As an extra measure of protection, it’s a good idea to have your drains professionally cleaned by our local plumbing company. This is especially true if you are dealing with a slow drain. Using a process called hydro jetting, plumbers are able to blast away built-up gunk.

Install Mesh Screen Over Your Shower Drains

When hair collects inside your shower drain, this can create a big clog. Installing mesh screens over your drains will help prevent trouble.

Pour Leftover Grease Into a Sealed Contained

Don’t pour leftover grease down your kitchen drain. Instead, store it in a sealed container. If you need a plumber in Bellevue, WA, to help you out, our team is more than happy to be of service.

Get in touch with Bob Oates today by calling our team or filling out the online form. We look forward to working with you.

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
Call 206-789-4944 Serving the Greater Seattle Area
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