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Every home has a water line that delivers fresh water into the home.  These lines originate from the city meter, a well or even from a neighborhood water system.  If your water main was installed before 1965 it is probably made from Galvanized steel.  If it was installed after 1978, it’s likely made from plastic, poly or copper.

  • Galvanized steel is estimated to last 50 years, but it will generally begin to rust after the first year in the ground.
  • PVC won’t rust, but it is vulnerable to ground movement and can break.  However, it will expand and contract in extreme cold & will not split.
  • Copper is also durable, won’t rust, is unaffected by most chemicals (unlike polyethylene, which tends to break down when in contact with chlorine), but can develop pinholes due to electrolysis.  (Electrolysis occurs if minerals come in contact with the copper and cause a chemical reaction when a slight electric current is applied).

There are many pros & cons to each kind of pipe used for water mains.  Bob Oates Plumbing Sewer & Rooter’s expert plumbers have the ability to recommend the best method for you & your home.  We are also fully equipped to install the new line with minimal intrusion to your landscape.

If you’ve ever heard the term “trenchless” thrown around, here’s a short description of exactly what’s involved in the process.  Just as the name implies, there are no trenches to be dug.  This method is especially helpful if your pipe runs under a driveway or a garden you have spent a lot of time & money on.  The trenchless method “bores” through the ground like a mole.  Two “boxes” are dug – one at the home’s foundation & the other at the city meter.  A very powerful pulling machine is then lowered into one of the boxes and literally pulls the new, flexible pipe through the old pipe and connects at both ends.  This process is also referred to as “pipe bursting” because the old pipe must be “bursted” to allow room for the new pipe to be pulled through.

The conventional method of pipe replacement is very straightforward.  The original pipe is dug up and replaced.  The entire length of the pipe must be uncovered, then the old pipe is cut out & the new pipe is set in the trench and connected at both ends.  Prices between the two methods are pretty comparable as Bob Oates Plumbing Sewer & Rooter employs and trains the most qualified underground technicians.  However, opting for a trenchless replacement will significantly reduce the amount of hours & labor involved in completing the job.

At Bob Oates Plumbing Sewer & Rooter, is a trusted leader in the plumbing & water main repair/replacement industry.  We stand behind our work and provide a 5 year warranty on all new water line installations.

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