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Sewer systems are designed to last for years. However, they need repairs from time to time, and eventually they’ll need to be replaced at some point. When you’re faced with a problem with your sewer line, reach out to the professionals at Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter. There are instances where we are able to address the issues via sewer repair in Seattle, WA, but there are also times when a replacement is ideal.

Here are the common signs you need a sewer line replacement rather than just repairs.

Multiple Recurring Clogs and Sewer Backups

While clogs and sewer backups can happen and are almost inevitable, they shouldn’t occur constantly, and certainly not in multiple drains. When dealing with sewer backups, the resolution is often to completely replace sewer line, as the backup indicates that the problem has progressed to the point where repairs alone will not suffice.

As for multiple clogged drains, our team will typically exhaust the sewer repair services available to us before we recommend a complete sewer replacement.

Foul Odors

If you still smell unpleasant odors even after thoroughly cleaning your home and putting out all the trash, you may need more than just sewer pipe line repair. If your sewer line is damaged, sewage will leak out, leaving behind the distinct stench of raw sewage. If your pipes are severely corroded, damaged, or compromised, we’ll replace the affected sewer line instead of sealing the cracks to stop sewage and gases from escaping from the sewer pipes.

Soggy Yard

If you notice puddles of water in your yard even when it hasn’t rained or you haven’t turned the sprinklers on recently, your sewer line has probably burst and is leaking. This might be the case especially if the wet patches on your lawn is covered with lush green grass – an indication that sewage is abundant in that particular area of your yard.

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