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Signs You Need Sewer Pipe Line Repair

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Signs You Need Sewer Pipe Line Repair

Your sewer line is tasked with eliminating waste from your home. It goes without saying that this system needs to be in good condition at all times. However, knowing when to seek out sewer repair in Bellevue, WA may not always be the easiest to determine. 

Fortunately, Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter can help you catch sewer line issues early and fix them. Here are three signs to look out for that show you need to get in touch with us for a sewer pipe line repair.

Slow Drains

When your drains take too long to drain, it means that there’s a high chance that there’s blockage somewhere along your sewer line. You may notice this issue more predominantly in your toilet, bathroom, or sink drains. You’ll need sewer repair services not just to identify the blockage, but also to unclog the sewer line immediately to prevent overflow.

Foul Odors

When you still smell foul odors in or around your property even after you’ve put out all the trash and thoroughly cleaned your home, you may need a plumber and not an air freshener. This is because if your sewer line is compromised or damaged in any way, sewage will leak out, which is the source of that foul smell that doesn’t seem to go away. 

If the cracks or holes in the sewer line are a lot more severe, we’ll replace sewer line rather than just seal the leaks. This way, we can prevent gases and sewage from escaping from the sewer line.

Mold Growth

Broken sewer lines leak, resulting in high moisture levels in your home. Over time, you may notice mold growth as the fungi proliferate in these high-moisture conditions. The mold growth needs to be handled by restoration specialists, but tackling the root of this issue requires measures such as a sewer line replacement.

Water Pools

If you notice pools of water forming in your yard even in the dry season, your sewer line is probably leaking. Consider calling sewer repair professionals to check for cracks in the sewer pipes.

If you notice any of these signs, contact Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter by calling our team or filling out the online form.

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
Call 206-789-4944 Serving the Greater Seattle Area
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