Signs You Need to Replace Your Sewer Line

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Section of sewer pipe clogged with fats, oils, and grease.

Many property owners balk at the possibility that a sewer line replacement would be necessary, even more so when the replacement is urgently needed. Since sewer lines are typically buried underground, it’s not always easy to determine whether a sewer repair in Seattle, WA would suffice or if a sewer replacement is the ideal solution.

Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter has restored countless sewer pipes, and our team is trained to diagnose what the best course of action would be. You might be due for a sewer line replacement if the following things are starting to be an issue.

Multiple Clogged Plumbing Fixtures

Drains can get clogged once in a while – clogging issues are actually pretty normal. However, if your drains ever get clogged all at the same time, then the culprit might be more than just the accumulation of debris resulting in blockages. When multiple drains become clogged simultaneously, it’s possible that the problem is due to sagging or severely damaged pipes. If so, the ideal solution is to replace sewer line.

Appearance of Pests

If a damaged or corroded sewer line is beyond the help of sewer pipe line repair, it’s very likely that the wastewater won’t flow as it should. Standing water, especially sewerage, is bound to invite pests. So if you find that your house is becoming home to pesky gnats and drain flies that don’t seem to go away no matter how many pipe repairs or cleaning you schedule, then a sewer replacement might be what you should be scheduling instead.

Of course, a pest infestation is something that sewer repair services can’t directly address, so you should still get in touch with a pest control company.

Aging Sewer Line

Sewer pipes can last for well over decades, but it will still eventually need to be replaced at some point. It might be sooner than you think, especially if you live in an older home that’s likely to have aging pipes running under it. Our team can check if your aging sewer line does need to be replaced.

Contact Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter and let us determine which sewer services will work best for your situation.

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