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Question: How do I benefit from trenchless sewer line repair?

My neighbors have told me that the best way to protect my landscaping is to hire a contractor who specializes in Trenchless Sewer Line Repair, can you tell me the reasons for that?

The innovative trenchless sewer replacement is the most convenient way to replace damaged sewer pipelines.

These days, due to aging, calcification and root intrusion, sewer drain pipe failures have become a big problem for home and business owners. Fixing clogged drains with the traditional method can be a solution to this problem, but this involves a huge expenditure and destruction of the property as well.

However, with trenchless sewer repair and replacement, replacing a sewer line has become quite easy and less time-consuming. Trenchless sewer replacement is not only the most innovative method to replace a damaged sewer line but is also the most cost-effective method to get it repaired.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe Bursting is a technique for replacement of existing pipes. The existing pipe, once burst, becomes the guide path for the new pipe being installed.

This technique bursts the old pipe and in so doing displaces the fragmented old pipe into the surrounding soil. This creates a hole of roughly the same dimension as the original. If a larger diameter pipe is to be installed a larger ‘expanding cone’ is used to increase the size of the hole. Once done, the new pipe is pushed or pulled into position.

A variation of this method is called ‘Pipe Slitting’ which breaks the pipe by longitudinal slitting.

Pipe bursting is popular in urban areas where congestion due to existing services sharing the same space under the surface is a problem. Bursting must be used very carefully where sub surface crowding could put other lines at risk due to the pressure of the bursting head.

Pipe Lining

Using Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter cured-in-place epoxy fiberglass pipe liner restores, repairs and renews corroded piping systems without the costly expense and disruption of traditional pipe repair and replacement.

Pipe corrosion occurs in virtually all types of piping systems from the moment they are put into service. The adverse effects of this natural deterioration and corrosion build-up are all too familiar:

colored, bad tasting and foul smelling drinking water, water filled with harmful heavy metals, poor flow and heat transfer, and an abundance of pinhole leaks caused by excessive chlorine exposure.

If you’re at all apprehensive of what to do or suspect your pipes have frozen or burst, call Bob Oates Sewer Rooter at 206-789-4944. We offer emergency service & have qualified service technicians on-call & readily available. Call anytime – we’re here to help!

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