What Not to Do During Plumbing Emergencies

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Despite taking all the necessary precautions and measures to ensure your plumbing systems are in good working conditions, there’s no telling when an emergency plumbing situation can happen. Leaking pipes and taps, frozen or burst pipes, blocked drains, gas leaks, waste smell, and running toilets – these all present safety and health hazards. Thus, it’s essential to act promptly to mitigate the damage.

It’s important to have a presence of mind and call a plumber in Seattle to check and fix the issue. And while you might have an idea of what to do when faced with plumbing emergencies, below are some pointers on what not to do when faced with an urgent plumbing issue.

Don’t forget to shut off your main water supply

When dealing with issues that concern the pipes, switching off your main water supply should be the second thing you do after calling a plumbing company. The overflowing water can result in flooding and damage to your property, so it’s essential to know the location of your main tap.

Don’t use plumbing tools without adequate knowledge

In some cases such as a minor toilet clog, you can use tools like a plunger to try and mitigate the situation. However, if you are unsure about handling or using a particular tool, don’t try to use it because you may injure yourself or worsen the situation. Always leave plumbing repairs to experts.

Don’t attempt DIY solutions

Some homeowners rely on DIY solutions to avoid incurring the costs of professional plumbing services. However, DIY projects can be dangerous, and you might end up doing your plumbing system more harm than good. Moreover, DIY attempts at plumbing work can also pose dangers not only to your pipes but also to your safety. For one, there are many plumbing tools and equipment that require the skill and technical know-how of a professional.

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