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At Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter, we understand the importance of providing reliable and affordable results with anything involving drain cleaning services. We also realize there may be some hesitation to give us a call right away when drain issues pop up because of lingering drain cleaning misconceptions. So, today we’re debunking the most pervasive myths tied to drain cleaning.

Myth 1: A Plunger Works Just Fine for Most Clogs

In some cases, yes, a plunger can clear a clogged drain, but only temporarily and if it’s a relatively minor clog. Moreover, misusing a plunger can push debris further down. If this happens, a plunger is no longer going to be effective. Excessive or forceful plunging can also damage the drain line or force water to back up into other nearby drains.

If using a plunger doesn’t work the first few times or the clog keeps coming back, give our drain cleaning company a call instead.

Myth 2: Store-Bought Drain Cleaning Products Are Safe and Effective

Just because you can easily purchase off-the-shelf drain cleaning products doesn’t mean they’re safe for your drains. In fact, the repeated use of these products can create entirely new issues since the chemicals they contain are corrosive. It’s best to avoid these products altogether and contact us for drain cleaning services instead.

Myth 3: Professional Drain Cleaning is Too Expensive

You’ll actually save money by having your drains professionally cleaned and cleared. Our drain cleaning experts fully assess drains with a high-tech camera to accurately determine the source and location of the problem. In addition, we use techniques like drain snaking and hydro jetting to completely clear away debris, which improves the efficiency of your drains.

Professionally cleaned drains are also less susceptible to serious clogs or backups, so you’re better off trusting our team for the job.

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