The Effects of Cold Weather on Sewer Systems

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While sewer systems are designed to withstand prolonged constant use, they are not meant to be indestructible. In other words, sewer systems can very much be affected by the environment and conditions that they’ve been exposed to. For instance, sewer pipes can be susceptible to the weather conditions or even temperatures. The current cold weather, in particular, has an effect on the performance of the pipes and can prompt the need for sewer repair in Tacoma, WA.

So what exactly are the effects of cold weather on sewer systems, and would it necessitate sewer repair services?

Pipe Contraction and Expansion: A Brief Explanation

Sewer pipes are typically made of either copper or PVC. These materials expand and contract when exposed to temperature changes. Here in Tacoma where the temperature can drop to 37 degrees, it’s not unlikely for pipes to contract and need sewer pipe line repair.

Freezing or Bursting Sewer Pipes

Bearing the effects of cold weather on pipes in mind, we can then infer that when your sewer pipes are exposed to winter conditions, the sewage waste inside can also expand as it freezes. Combined with the fact that pipes contract when it’s cold, this can definitely spell disaster. If the situation becomes worse and the pipes do burst, you could even be needing a sewer line replacement.

If left unresolved, a burst sewer system can cost you thousands of dollars in repair. Moreover, a burst sewer system in the middle of the freezing weather can expose you and your family to certain health risks brought on by exposure to toxic waste.

Clogged Drains

Your sewer pipes might not necessarily burst and require you to replace sewer line. But the fact remains that the pipes can contract, meaning the space for sewage to flow becomes narrower. This increases the likelihood of clogs in the sewer system.

For more information about getting help with clogged drains, frozen sewer pipes, and other sewer line problems, call Bob Oates Sewer & Rooter.

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