What Could Be Clogging Your Drains?

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When your drains work properly, your entire plumbing system benefits. And while Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter can always provide thorough drain cleaning services, it wouldn’t hurt to learn what the common reasons behind clogged drains are.


Hair strands may seem innocuous, but hair is actually one of the biggest reasons behind clogs. Over time, a buildup can lead to standing water in your bathroom sink, tub, or shower. Fortunately, our drain cleaning company can efficiently clear up the hair buildup and get water draining properly in your bathroom again.


Soap is an everyday item that’s another common culprit behind clogs. You might have a clogged drain due to a soap scum buildup, especially if your home gets hard water. A water softener might be able to help minimize the issue. But if you don’t own a water softener, a plumber can clear out the soap scum and other gunk out of your drains.

Random Items

Your toilet might need drain snaking if you have a particularly stubborn clog. Too often, people flush random items down their toilets (unintentionally or not), leading to clogs or even overflows. Keep in mind that the only things that should be flushed down are waste. Everything else goes in the garbage, even if it’s labeled as “flushable.”

This includes tampons, cleaning wipes, cat litter and even facial tissues. Avoid using your toilet as a trash can and you’ll be surprised at how much better your toilet functions and how much you’ll be able to save on untimely or frequent drain cleaning services.

Tree Roots

Tree roots can infiltrate your sewer line and impede the flow of sewage. When a tree is in search of water, its roots can expand and enter your sewer line, breaking it. A visit from your trusted plumber in Seattle can address this issue.

You can count on Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter to efficiently address the main culprits behind clogging. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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