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Whenever you notice that your sinks or toilets won’t drain, you know that there’s likely a clog somewhere in the system. If you decide to try drain snaking the clog on your own instead of calling a professional like Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter, know that the following are the risks you’ll be taking.

Scratched Drain Lines

DIY drain cleaning typically involves pushing down the augering snake down the drain to grab ahold of the materials that make up the blockage. Unfortunately, many DIYers end up being too aggressive when using their drain snake. This usually results in scratches on the inside of your drain lines, which can make your lines more susceptible to damage such as premature rusting.

Worsening the Clog

Without professional drain cleaning services, you may end up forcing the clog further down your pipeline. Since your drain snake is only so long, you may end up pushing the clog out of your reach. The further the clog gets down your sewage line, the harder it’s going to be to remove.

Drilling Into a Curve

Unless you’re a professional plumber yourself, it’s unlikely that you’ll be comfortable with how using a drain snake on a clog feels. It’s not uncommon for homeowners to hit an elbow in their piping when they accidentally aggressively turn the auger of the snake. This can result in drilling through the pipe elbow and cause another sewage issue.

Using the Wrong Snake Type

Most people have heard of a drain snake and might even have one at home. However, there are different types of plumbing snakes, depending on the type of drain that you have. If you use the wrong snake, you can end up getting it stuck or cause unwanted damage. It’s best to resort to contacting a professional drain cleaning company.

When you’ve got a clogged drain, the cons of DIY drain snaking far outweigh the pros. With professional assistance, you can be assured that your drain will be properly cleared, and there will be no damage to your plumbing system in the process.

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