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Sewer Camera Inspection in Seattle, WA, and Surrounding Areas

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Our Pipe and Sewer Camera Inspections

Sewer camera inspections are the first line of defense in the trenchless sewer repair arsenal at Bob Oates. Sewer camera inspections remove any guesswork from troubleshooting faulty sewer pipes and are the most advanced method of diagnosing and exactly pinpointing pipeline problems. No longer is the trenching and digging up of a sewer pipeline required just to ascertain whether the problem is a simple clog—which could easily be flushed out of the pipes through our cleaning methods—or a large break that needs to be fixed quickly. Our sewer camera inspections promote precision and allow our technicians to do the job right on the first visit.

Sewer camera inspections do not disrupt your building’s interior or property landscaping. The waterproof robotic camera and attached optic cable are inserted into the pipe being investigated through a drain or an outside access point. The camera is able to send video feedback through the optic cable to our expert technician. The camera can be sent the entire length of the pipeline, from the building to the curbside connection with the municipal sewer line. The video recording is capable of viewing the entire 360-degree circumference of the pipe’s interior wall. Our technician is able to view, in real-time, the entire pipe core and inspect every inch in search of cracks or breaks, clogs, or corrosion.

Our sewer camera inspection in Seattle, WA, and surrounding areas can expose a number of problems that may be plaguing your pipes, including corrosion, clogs, tree root infestations, leaks, or misaligned pipes. Some of these issues can be extremely small and unidentifiable with the old conventions of inspections, but our high-quality cameras reveal these issues and allow our technicians to conclude with the best solutions every time. We are able to inspect all of these troublesome situations and send all the information to our technician without disturbing the lay of the pipe, and our clients are welcome to watch the video with our technician as the inspection process proceeds. Once the inspection is completed, our technician will discuss all the findings and make suitable, cost-effective, and efficient recommendations, based on the results collected.

Solutions to the outcome of the sewer camera inspection may be as simple as high-pressure water jetting to clean corrosion or remove a clog. If a break or crack is found, pipe lining or pipe bursting may be recommended. All of these solutions are trenchless, cost-effective, speedy methods of repair that are made possible because of the time we take to properly diagnose the problem when we first arrive on your property.

Bob Oates serves various communities across Washington, and we are proud to offer our excellent work to our customers. We are committed to friendly customer service and great repairs that will result in long-lasting solutions for all of our customers. Our plumbing company is ready to help you with your sewer camera inspection and any resulting repairs as determined by our expert team.

Contact us today to learn more about how our services can assist you and let us take the worry out of your sewer pipe maintenance. We work in Bellevue, Renton, Redmond, Kirkland, Seattle, Kent, Tacoma, and Everett, Washington. 

We provide a wide range of sewer camera inspection services in the following areas:

Sewer and Drain Cleanin in Greater Seattle Area
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