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Garbage Disposal Repair in Seattle, WA

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Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals have become an indispensable convenience in modern life. Most of us take it for granted that we’ll be able to use our garbage disposals to grind up food scraps while we’re preparing our meals or cleaning the kitchen. But unfortunately, garbage disposals don’t last forever, no matter how well-made they are. Any appliance you expose to that much wear and tear is inevitably going to develop issues over time, especially if you ask your disposal to take on more than it’s designed to handle.

If your garbage disposal seems to take forever to accomplish a simple grinding job or has begun to smell bad or make odd noises, it may be time to call the leading plumbing company in Seattle, WA for quality garbage disposal repair.

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Common Garbage Disposal Problems

There are a few basic issues you may encounter with your garbage disposal that would necessitate calling in a qualified technician from the Bob Oates team.

  • Leaks: Water leaking from the disposal may indicate a broken seal or a more serious issue. Sometimes, leaks can also happen if your disposal casing has developed holes or cracks, which are common in older machines. You may also have a leak at the dishwasher connection or the drainage pipe. No matter what your situation is, it is best to call us, rather than trying an ineffective DIY repair that may make the problem even worse than it was before.

  • Slow-Draining Disposal: If you’ve given the disposal the time it needs to break down the scraps you’ve thrown in, and you still have standing water in your kitchen sink, you may have developed a clog somewhere in your drain line. It’s not a good idea to use chemical drain cleaners on the garbage disposal, as you could further damage the unit and leave you having to manually clear out a sink full of harmful chemicals. Calling in a professional from the Bob Oates team is your best bet. Our technicians know exactly how to repair clogged disposal with our cutting-edge tools and equipment.

  • Bad-Smelling Disposal: If bad odors are coming from your disposal, it can be a sign that the unit is not chopping up the food waste finely enough, and you may have developed drainage issues. You can sprinkle baking soda or grated lemon peel into your disposal and see if that removes the odor. If that home remedy doesn’t help, or if the foul smell keeps returning no matter what you do, you need to have your disposal repaired or replaced. Nobody likes the idea of disposal full of decomposing food scraps. You may have gone “smell-blind” to the odor, but any guests you have over to your home surely won’t appreciate it.

Garbage Disposal Repair Financing

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When You Need Garbage Disposal Repair in Seattle, We’re Here for You

If your garbage disposal isn’t working properly, despite your best efforts, call your neighbors at Bob Oates. We are Seattle’s trusted plumbing repair specialists, and we can quickly diagnose any problems you are having with your garbage disposal and fix them quickly, so you can once again enjoy the benefits of having a working disposer in your kitchen. Call us today for reliable service or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment. 

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