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High-Quality Sewer Repair Services

At Bob Oates, we take the time to determine the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing, such as repeated backups, sewer odors or water damage on your property, and our team is trained and equipped to employ the most cost-effective sewer repair in the greater Seattle Tacoma area for all your sewer and drain cleaning or repair needs. We are a full-service company.

Prior to any of our sewer repair services, our investigation of the situation begins with a sewer camera inspection. We insert our specialized camera and optic cable inside the offending pipe to record the inside pipe circumference length and note any potential trouble spots.

During this inspection, we aim to find and assess any issues such as blockages or damage and specifically look for any sign that might indicate the need for cracked sewer pipe repair, especially in areas under or near the street, where such problems are often found.

Our camera is able to inspect the entire pipe, from your building to the curbside municipal sewer line connection. The camera inspection will identify if there is a buildup of roots, grease, or any other debris, a clog or crack, or a complete collapse.

Depending on what is discovered, we will then thoroughly clean the sewer if applicable or prepare for any repairs that may be needed to restore the functionality of your sewer. The precision and diagnostic capabilities of our equipment and trained sewer repair specialists leave no room for doubt regarding what the issue is or how to fix your sewer issue quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

Complete Side Sewer Repair and Cleaning

Our sewer pipeline repair is most effective when employed in conjunction with our cleaning services, and we take the time to clean the sewer using big blades to cut through tree roots and have the ability to properly flush out blockages with hydro jetting. This high-pressure water treatment is applied with cable cleaning, scouring the interior surface of the entire pipe and removing any buildup or obstruction.

The force of the water pressure is strong enough to effectively clean the pipes without compromising the pipeline itself, making it a reliable method for preparing the pipe for further repairs as needed. This pipe-cleaning process also allows the sewer camera to re-inspect the pipe and clearly determine the existence of any potential future problems.

If our technicians discover a damaged, offset or break in the sewer pipe, we will recommend one of our two trenchless sewer repair methods to restore it. Our solutions are designed to limit the amount of digging and machinery needed to complete our repairs and allow us to repair the pipe from the inside without having to remove it.

Fast, Modern, Effective Sewer Repair

Rather than taking days to complete, our sewer repairs only take a few hours to finish because no time is wasted digging through your property. This is due to our UV curing method allowing us to repair your sewer in less than a day in most cases.

Our special approach ensures a rapid turnaround and provides a more environmentally friendly and less intrusive solution than traditional excavation methods, preserving the integrity of your landscape and building.

Through the access point, or outside cleanout, we are able to install a smooth, corrosion- and root-resistant epoxy-based pipe inside of the original pipe. The result allows for fast water flow uninhibited by our older concrete or damaged clay piping systems.

This repair will create a pipe that is resistant to tree roots and clogging. The products and thick schedule 40 well casing sewer pipes are the highest quality in the industry. This durability and our team's efficiency make our repairs and sewer line replacements long-lasting and offer our customers security, knowing that their new sewer pipeline will continue to function optimally long after our work is finished.

From small spot repairs to complete side sewer replacements, we’ve got you covered!

Should You Schedule Sewer Repair Services?

If you're currently concerned about your sewer’s functionality, it's wise to determine whether you need a sewer repair service before immediately having to start looking for one.

Here are the most common signs of something amiss with your sewer pipes:

  • Gurgling or other odd noises coming from the pipes
  • Water that will only drain slowly or not at all
  • A strong smell of sewage
  • Significant changes to the water level in your toilet bowls
  • Sewage backed up into your building or home
  • Prior knowledge of pipe damage or tree root infiltration

Depending on how complex the problem is, sewer repair services may be enough to take care of them, but some of these issues can be so severe to the point where a total line replacement is required to prevent backups and water damage.

In cases where a comprehensive solution is required, Bob Oates specializes in sewer line repair in Seattle, collaborating closely with public works to ensure that all lines are restored to optimal condition with minimal disruption to the community.

Either way, if you notice such problems in or around your home or business, contact us to schedule fast, local service with one of our expert plumbers.

You can help prevent the need for excessive sewer repair in Seattle by scheduling routine maintenance for your sewer line and pipes. Pipes will automatically deteriorate over time due to wear and tear, so it's smart to have them checked often for possible damage.

Tree roots are also a leading cause of backups and damaged sewer pipes. Over the years, the roots can work their way into your pipes and cause damage. We recommend that you call us if you have yet to have a recent maintenance visit; that way, you ensure that no issues are lurking beneath the surface.

The Benefits of Calling Bob Oates for Sewer Repair and Drain Cleaning Services

The cities of Seattle, Tacoma and Everett depend on Bob Oates Sewer and Rooter to meet all of their drain cleaning needs. That’s because we're a unique, local company with years of experience and training in the sewer repair and drain cleaning industry.

Our passion for providing excellent customer service is only matched by our quality workmanship — we’re always available for anyone desiring our expertise in sewer repair services.

Some other benefits of making Bob Oates your go-to neighborhood registered side sewer contractor (RSSC) include the following:

Fast Response Times

When it comes to waste management issues, the Bob Oates team knows there's no time to lose. We understand that plumbing emergencies can still happen even with routine inspections and maintenance. Our plumbers are dedicated to getting you the fast, locally dispatched service you need today.

The Bob Oates immediate response hotline is always available to call when you need assistance. Call us any time day or night and describe the problem, and we'll promptly dispatch our talented plumbers to your location — usually within the hour during normal business hours, 7am to 5pm daily, or after hours if there is an emergency.

Comprehensive Services

If you’re searching for “sewer repair near me,” or any plumbing, sewer or drain problem you may have, there’s no better choice than Bob Oates for your service needs.

Every member of our team is highly trained and are specialists in their field. All team members are skilled in the use of our tools, equipment, and technology. Our commitment to excellence makes us experts in repairs, installations, replacement services, and all your sewer & drain cleaning needs.

Each cleaning also includes a free sewer camera inspection to better understand your sewer line's health and performance.

We're full-service sewer contractors catering to residential and commercial properties. No job is too big or small for us. Our sewer system solutions are customized to be as quick and budget-friendly as possible.

Understanding the sewer line repair cost is a critical part of this process. At Bob Oates, we provide transparent pricing and work with our customers to offer assistance and solutions that fit their financial constraints.

Our countless hours of training give us the advantage of providing prompt but comprehensive services you can always rely on. All repair work is guaranteed.

Top-Notch Cleaning and Repair Techniques

Repair techniques and technology change frequently, and we know that to be the best we must pay attention to new innovations in our field. That's why Bob Oates sewer technicians and drain cleaning specialists stay up-to-date on advanced repair and cleaning methods, and it’s how we provide fast, efficient service that surpasses our competitors.

Simply put, we're number 1 in the number 2 business…lol!

Many of our specialized techniques involve virtually no digging or other invasive procedures. A good example involves our popular trenchless side sewer repairs, which take significantly less time than traditional methods.

Most pipe lining UV sewer repairs can be completed in less than one day. They are a much more approachable option for customers concerned that proper side sewer repair services could take days or even weeks to complete.

We're always hunting for the most effective solution and continually increasing our arsenal of choices to better handle every unique situation. We truly are your best choice for fast, affordable cleaning and repair services in the greater Seattle area.

The Importance of Sewer Repair

A sewer line repair is one of the essential services a licensed side sewer contractor can provide. Damage to your sewer line can cause many expensive and frustrating problems, so you should call the Bob Oates specialists to handle it immediately. We offer the most cost-effective solutions. Our plumbing sewer repair services are unmatched — we are the leaders in our industry!

Sewer Pipes Play a Vital Role

While most of your plumbing system's job simply involves transporting water, sewer pipes manage waste, meaning any blockages in your pipes can create issues with waste control. A problem with your sewer pipe could cause plumbing fixtures to back up and expose your home to unsanitary water and many other issues.

Professional Sewer Repair Is a Necessity

Nothing about sewer pipe repair is a DIY task. In fact, every city has a dedicated code addressing broken sewer systems. As such, homeowners will want to call in a reputable sewer contractor for repairs or replacements as needed. It's crucial to adhere to the laws and regulations set by your local government by hiring a licensed plumber to handle plumbing services, or you risk a potential fine or suffer from shoddy, sub-standard work.

The Clock Is Ticking

Aging side sewer infrastructure will worsen over time due to the fact that most sewer pipes are made from concrete which crumbles and deteriorates after approximately 50 years.

Even a relatively simple drain clog could snowball out of control, requiring more extensive repairs or, if enough time passes, a full sewer line replacement may be in order. You want to call a reliable company like the Bob Oates team to ensure everything gets done on time and that you can use your sewer line normally again.

Take Care of Your Health

An overflowing or clogged drain, backed-up sewage, and other plumbing problems can pose significant health risks. While not all plumbing-related problems will make you sick, waiting to call for repairs can increase the chances that your home becomes unsafe.

Protect yourself and your family by calling for a regularly scheduled cleaning or let us take care of that sewer repair you have been meaning to get fixed.

Remember, tree roots need a “haircut” at least every two years. Don’t delay — root infiltration is the most common cause of damage to a concrete or clay sewer line.

Keep Things Business as Usual

Sewer struggles in commercial spaces are particularly problematic. Backed-up sewage or clogs can force you to close down your business for days or weeks, costing you a lot of money. They can also frustrate and alienate customers or employees.

They’re a logistical mess for the modern business owner to handle alone; thankfully, there’s no need to search for “sewer line repair near me.” We encourage all commercial property owners to contact us for sewer repair services when they need them to keep their business moving.

What Else We Offer

We pride ourselves on being a full-service plumbing company that provides quality solutions for all your pipe, drain, and sewage line needs. Not only that — we offer additional services tailored specifically to local business owners or homeowners encountering any sort of plumbing challenge. This includes the following:

Sewer Inspection

We always make it a point to accurately assess any side sewer repair our customers may need by conducting a thorough inspection. This helps determine what course of action to take and inform you as our customer of the best cost-effective measures. Video inspection and location services are essential to our diagnostic process and help us work to fix your problem faster.

Drain Cleaning Services

From water that won’t go down the kitchen sink to overflowing toilets, drain clogs can wreak havoc in your home. Chemical drain cleaners are often attractive because they seem simple and inexpensive. Still, many homeowners don’t realize these chemicals can damage your pipes and cause even more problems.

Bob Oates has the training and experience to handle clogs quickly without damaging your home or property!

Rooter Services

Reliable, fast, and locally dispatched sewer rooter services are just a phone call away. Bob Oates provides the Seattle, Tacoma and Everett areas with quality rooter services at affordable prices.

Every service includes a detailed inspection where we locate the problem and discuss your options. We value integrity and communication, so we’ll always be clear about what prices and timelines you can expect from our services.

Regardless of your drain cleaning needs, we guarantee our experts can devise the right solution to get things “moving” again.

Water Main Repair

If you have water main damage, it’s often a plumbing emergency; sometimes, the problem is more complex and well-hidden. It can present itself as mold growth, cracks in your foundation, or higher water bills.

You need a licensed plumber to figure out the source of the issue and fix it before it worsens. Bob Oates can help repair and/or locate broken or cracked pipes to help prevent extensive water damage to your residential or commercial space.

We are a complete plumbing company — call us anytime, we’re here for you!

We offer our services to homes and businesses in the following locations:

  • Seattle
  • Kent
  • Tacoma
  • Bellevue
  • Everett
  • Lynnwood

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For more assistance on how our team can support you, give us a call and let our courteous, professional team ease your mind. We can schedule an appointment for you to show us your concerns, and we can discuss our methods, time, and costs for repairing or replacing your sewer line.

Our team at Bob Oates has the time and experience to solve your sewer pipe concerns, and we can remove the symptoms of a faulty sewer line with speed and efficiency. Our work produces excellent results that will keep you satisfied for years.

Hire the best employees. Buy the best equipment. And offer customers permanent, long-term solutions to their drain problems.” Learn more about the Bob Oates philosophy by checking out Bob’s profile piece in Cleaner Magazine!

If you’re looking for a professional plumbing and sewer repair company, look no further than Bob Oates. Call us now or fill out our online form to schedule your sewer repair appointment.

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